Dependable Aerial Drone Specialists for Agriculture, Construction & Security

✅  Licensed with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

✅  A2 CofC Certified Piolets

✅  Fully Insured for Commercial Work

✅  LiDAR, Thermal & Photogrammetry Services

✅  Agricultural Drone Specialists

✅  Construction Drone Specialists

✅  Leading UK Drone Security Specialists


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Angel Drones: Your Trusted UK Drone Service Provider

Angel Drones delivers amazing turnkey aerial data solutions for farms, companies or businesses of any size. Our dedicated team comprises of skilled, CAA licensed Drone Operators who are unwaveringly & devoted to ensuring the safety of everyone, while delivering top-notch quality to our clients.

Specialist Drone Experts in…




Angel Drones uses the Latest & Highest Quality Software

Sourced from around the world

and we stay on top of LATEST TECKNOWLEDGY


Angel Drones covers the whole of the UK…

And proudly believes in putting UK Farmers & Industry 1st!

What to expect from us…

1. Transparent Pricing

2. Trustworthy & Friendly Service

3. Professional High Quality Photo’s that Retrieve & Deliver the Data You Require


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Share Your Project with Us 


Receive a Free Quote Same Day


We Undertake & Fly the Mission


You Receive Your Data Results

Angel Drones: The Professional Drone Photographic & Videography Company You Can Trust!

Seasoned with vast flight expertise spanning diverse industries, systems, and operational landscapes, Angel Drones proudly stands as your dependable solution for all drone-related requirements.

Our collaborative approach involves working closely with you, embracing your vision, and tirelessly striving to attain the outcomes you seek, making your project success our utmost priority.

Angel Drones ~ Peace of Mind Guarantee:

✅  Licensed with the UK Civil Aviation Authority (CAA)

✅  Drone Law & Airspace Knowledge

✅  Fully Insured for Commercial Work

✅  Simple Contracts

✅  Dynamic Scaling: Equipment only when you need it

✅  Non-Copyright Music

✅  Latest Technology

✅ A2 CofC Certified & Experienced Piolets

✅  Most Up-to-Date Drone Software   

✅ LiDAR, Thermal & Photogrammetry Services 

✅  Easy Shareable Deliverables

✅ Less Risk: You’re not lumbered with redundant kit/equipment you use infrequently – having paid a large sum to but it.

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